Focus on Innovation & Local reach

Our Story

As a privately held company ,NIPL is focussed on doing what is right for employees, customers and Industry. Since 2012 we have built reputation of premium quality supplier with our customer partners. Using innovation as foundation of differentiation and curiosity to discover new opportunities , we are driven to help our customers succeed by addressing emerging trends in the Food Industry.


A proud partnership firm driven by individual strengths that makes positive impact on our people . Always striving for the betterment of our team members to grow personally & professionally helping them reaching their greatest potential.

Behave like Owners

Each member behave with passion of an owner. We invest wisely , take calculated risk and always maintain highest moral standards.

Participating Customer Success

We strongly believe that our success depends on our customer’s success and therefore we work cautiously to create value, propelling growth and prosperity for our customers.

Deliver Results

Our energies remain focussed on meeting our commitments , executing with passion, measuring results and rewarding success.


Our Committment

We are committed to meeting customer needs by providing the highest level of services possible.

  • Excellence in Innovation
  • Quality at best
  • Customer Delight
  • Invest in our Human Resources

Our Core Values

We will differentiate ourselves not on size but for our commitment to quality, to customer service, and our ability to respond positively to change.

  • Leadership in Seasonings and Spice blends, excellence in offerings.
  • Be most preferred Choice of Snack food industry.
  • To be in top 10 seasoning houses by 2019.

Quality is a mission for us, Our quality Assurance department is equipped with most modern Laboratories to test all raw materials & packaging material in house. They are equipped with HPLC & full set of Microbiology lab. that guaranties total quality.

As team we strive to understand the processes involved and to apply this knowledge to produce efficiently. Working closely with our customers, we aim to drive innovation by always being the leader in current market trends.